ACTEON X-Mind Unity

Because you pay more and more attention to the look and effectiveness of your practice, ACTEON® has developed X-Mind® unity with:

  • uncompromising design
  • clean lines
  • superior materials
  • unique technological advantages

Reliable X-RAY technology that reduces radiation exposure

With its elegant style coupled to the cutting edge patented ACE® technology (Automatic Exposure Control) and the possibility to integrate SOPIX Plug-In sensor, X-MIND® UNITY brings the standards of protection, accuracy and comfort to a next level.

Sharp and contrasted images

The smaller…the greater! Thanks to the 0.4 mm focal spot size and the complete range of radiological settings, with X-Mind® unity you will always rely on sharp and contrasted image with defined contours.

High versatility

X-Mind® unity is available in different configurations allowing to fullfil any operational need. – arm lenghts: 0.40 m, 0.80 m, 1.10 m – installation type: top wall, bottom wall, mobile stand

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